Hugo, my first cousin once removed

For the Dutchies:
First cousin once removed = achterneef
First cousin twice removed = achter-achterneef

You have to know the terms of family relations and cousins in English a bit. This cousin chartLink to an external page in a new window explains it well.

Goth at Victorian Picnic in Leipzig

Goth at the Victorian Picnic

Goth at Victorian Picnic in Leipzig

Leipzig, Clara-Zetkin-Park
The Victorian Picnic, held every year in the Clara-Zetkin-Park in Leipzig, is a great opportunity to photograph eccentric and beautifully dressed people. A lot of the visitors take pride in their appearance. And they rightfully do so; it has taken many hours if not weeks to create their costumes, find custom accessories and finally do their make-up. It ranges from traditional Victorian dresses to elaborate steam punk contraptions, fantasy figures, cosplay and all kind of cross-overs. This goth gentleman in black dress had a delicate black and white appearance, the big black eyes with sclera lenses contrasting the whitewashed face and hair. The shadow cast by his lace parasol gives a nice pattern on his face, creating depth in the image.