Razcahl the vampire

I Need Coffin [Halloween Fest 6/6]

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About Razcahl the vampire

Razcahl the vampire is a comic strip created by Dinie de Zeeuw and David den Ouden. Dinie and David collaborate strongly and there is a lot of interaction going on for each comic strip. That’s where the fun in creating together lies!

Dinie de Zeeuw (self portrait)

Dinie de Zeeuw (see Diniez Fantasy Art Link to an external page in a new window) is an illustrator and comic and fantasy / goth artist. She designed the original character Razcahl. Dinie draws all the art work for Razcahl the vampire and does the character designs.

David den Ouden (self portrait)

David den Ouden (see this website) is an illustrator, cartoonist, comic artist and writer. David writes the scripts for Razcahl, combines all the drawn panels into comic strips, creates the balloons and does the lettering.