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1. [Dude with purple hair + David]
2. [balloon]
David: "I work with these teens and one of them is transgender; a lovely short haired young man. To make things easy in the gender discussion, I came up with a simple concept.
If your hair is coming below your jawline in length or longer: you are a woman or girl."
3. [figure with dashes at jawline, arrow up indicating man / boy, arrow down indicating woman / girl]
David: "If your hair is shorter: you are a man or boy."
4. [Dude with purple hair + David]
David:  "Pretty straight forward."
Dude with purple hair: "- So that makes you..."
David: "Yes, yes, I'm a bearded lady."
5. [pretty youngster short silver hair] 
David: "boy"
6. [lady with afro and pulled string beyond jawline] 
David: "woman"
7. [biker with beard and long hair] "woman"
8. [short haired hipster with mustache]
David: "man"
9. [girl with long ponytail, bangs and freckles] 
David: "Girl"
David: "Bangs don't count"
10. [Dude with purple hair + David]
Dude with purple hair: "But what about mullets?"
11. [Richard Batsbak from New Kids with mullet]
12. [Richard Batsbak from New Kids with mullet]
David: "We've discussed that. If you have a mullet you are probably intersex or transgender in transition."
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Gender made easy

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